If you are like most health coaches you feel you can confidently counsel your clients on better eating and guide them to a more healthy lifestyle, but feel unqualified to tackle complex cases. The good news is that there are many great choices for advanced nutrition training.

The most qualified coaches have training in Functional Nutrition. Functional Medicine is the model that’s transforming healthcare by addressing the root causes of disease and using diet and lifestyle change to create wellness. Demand for Functional Medicine is exploding. Why? Because we have a problem. Most physicians don’t have the time or the skills to partner with patients to promote optimal health. That’s where Health Coaches come in. Here is a list of the schools we recommend for Functional Nutrition Training:

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy 

The Functional Medicine Coaching Academy is a ground-breaking program that was established in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine. They are on a mission to transform healthcare by making Health Coaches the new face of wellness medicine. To fulfill their dream of seeing a Health Coach in every physician’s office, they created a unique program that blends Functional Medicine with the teachings and coaching skills derived from positive psychology. These two ways of looking at human beings are remarkably similar: they are both based on sound scientific evidence and both address what we need to thrive. To round out the curriculum, students learn how to incorporate functional nutrition, eating psychology, and mind-body medicine into their approach as well.

The roster of teachers for this 12-month online program includes world-renowned faculty from The Institute for Functional Medicine and leaders in positive psychology. But to become an effective coach, it takes more than acquiring knowledge. Students engage in hands-on coaching, including a supervised practicum.

If you have a passion for helping others, a love of learning about health and wellness, or want to integrate your previous healthcare training with Functional Medicine and positive psychology so that you can enter this exciting field, I encourage you to imagine yourself as a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and apply now.

Full Body Systems with Andrea Nakayama (Closes February 7th) 

If you want breakthrough results with every client you need to check out this course. Andrea is one of the top experts on gut health and she’s been passing on her wealth of knowledge to coaches for years.

This 10-month online immersion program gives you a comprehensive system that:

  • Gives you the steps and tools to uncover the root-cause of any illness (even the tough and tricky cases)
  • Helps you understand how to practice individualized medicine where each client is given tailored recommendations for faster recovery
  • Teaches you the refined skills to influence your clients to be proactive and commit to their health goals (this even works with the resistant ones)
  • Improves results in practice and boosts confidence by having the knowledge and mindset that allow you to become a problem-solver

Full Body Systems is for practitioners who want to get to the root-cause of illness and get break-out results with every client, creating a stream of referrals coming into your practice.  Here is just some of what this course covers:

  • Digestive System: Understand how this is truly the root of health and can affect (positively or negatively) all the systems of the body
  • Immune System: Discover the keys to immunity and how autoimmune challenges can be reversed
  • Urinary System: Adrenal issues, problems with blood pressure, water retention, prostate issues and interstitial cystitis are on the rise and you can uncover their causes
  • Cardiovascular System: Understand how to work with clients and patients with heart disease (it’s easier than you think)
  • Endocrine System: Unlock hormone imbalances with a greater understanding of blood sugar, cortisol and the cascade of hormones that impact the health of your clients
  • Nervous System (Brain): Prepare to help those with mood disorders, “leaky brain” and even traumatic brain injuries
    Reproductive System: Puberty to menopause and everything in between are now within your reach to address in practice

Check out her website for all the details and learn how you can play an essential role in transforming the health of your community.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition 

You’ve probably heard of FDN, they’ve been around the longest. They coined the phrase “Test, Don’t Guess” and the term “Health Detective”.  Some of the most successful coaches online have been through this course.

The FDN Certification Course provides training in functional lab assessments and client intake methods that lead to highly individualized targeted protocols.

The goal of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® is to build health and enhance performance, placing particular focus on the hormone, immune, digestion, detoxification, energy production and nervous systems.  The FDN course is open to anyone with a desire and a passion to truly help others.  It not only puts the clinical tools right in your hands, but gives you the skills to use them. Many have built their reputation and business success upon what they have learned in the FDN course and improved their own health in the process.

The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification course will teach you:

  • How to stop chasing symptoms and identify underlying opportunities for healing
  • Which lab tests are the best to uncover the dysfunctions at the root of most common health complaints
  • How to interpret each lab on an individual basis and correlate the results with your client, instead of just treating the lab report
  • How to communicate test results and your interpretation to your client in a way that is easy for them to understand
  • How to use holistic, drugless protocols that are safe, powerful, and proven to work
  • How to make big gains in tough cases and chronic stress related disorders
  • A business model that is simple to duplicate so you can easily integrate FDN into your existing business, or build your entire business around FDN

If you love helping others and want to take your business to the next level, I invite you to enroll in the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Certification Course!


Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification 

This certification was created by autoimmue and hormone expert, Dr. Keesha Ewers.

If you are passionate about:

  • Using the latest findings in genetics and other cutting-edge lab testing to guide individuals towards optimal health.
  • An approach to health that considers the whole person (and not just isolated symptoms).
  • Finding the root cause of imbalance and disease (Functional Medicine).
  • Enabling the body to heal itself by providing good nutrition (food as medicine), and determining the effects of specific foods on the individual.
  • Mind-body medicine.
  • Utilizing a holistic wellness model, with proven protocols that gets profound results and allow you to truly help others.
  • An opportunity to gain abundance working with autonomy in a field with limitless potential and exploding popularity.

…then the Integrative Medicine Health Coach Certification Program is custom designed for you. >Based on the cutting-edge findings of Functional Medicine, it offers a health coach certification program that integrates all of these and much more.

Guide your clients towards health, with training not only in functional medicine, but also in Ayurveda, nutrition, mind-body Psychology, and Sexology. You’ll also learn to use functional medicine laboratory testing and scientifically proven protocols that synthesize Dr. Keesha’s 35 years of medical education and experience to help your clients heal from:

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Obesity
  • Mood disorders
  • Past trauma
  • Addiction
  • Digestive disorders
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Hormone imbalance
  • Even cancer

Plus, mentoring, weekly case studies, a private Facebook group, business training and more.

The Healthy Gut Certificate (Closes Soon) 

When it comes to gut health – it is a mine field. New information is published every day and much it is changing what we know. Researchers are connecting the gut to all health conditions. More importantly, microbes determine how we develop and change throughout our life.

So how do you get the knowledge? The Healthy Gut Program for practitioners. This is the way to make it easy.  Supporting gut health is foundational medicine. Without the right microbes, we cannot function properly. Functional medicine is good but without foundational medicine, it will not work as well.

With over 32 hours of content, fully researched with education videos, practical strategies, protocols, food and supplement information, menu plans, recipes and tools, the Health Gut program is designed to be a permanent resource with ongoing support. You will always be up-to-date. It also includes an option for a complete Done-For-You program.

Gut health is one are that all health coaches should be an expert in.  You owe it to yourself and your clients to check out this great program.


If Functional Nutrition is not something you are ready there are several other great advanced training programs might be a good fit for your niche or expertise. Take a look at these programs and see if one is right for you: 
The Human Potential Coach Training (Starts February 24th) 

This incredible training program that will teach you how to become a coach specializing in high-performance and human potential development. It’s called the Bulletproof Human Potential Coach Training program. It combines the best aspects of health coaching, life coaching, and performance coaching WITH biohacking and personal development, WITH a revolutionary presence-centered approach to coaching AND it prepares you (if you attend the weekend workshop and choose the ICF track) to join the world’s premier professional coaching organization, the International Coach Federation (ICF).

This certification includes:

  • The 35-week online Certified Human Potential Coach Training program including live calls.
  • 8-week Mindfulness Training Program.
  • Access to weekly Coaching Clinic with faculty.
  • Exclusive Live Webinars with Dave Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof.
  • A comprehensive certification process.
  • Following your certification, being awarded the prestigious accolade: Certified Human Potential Coach (CHPC).
  • All course materials.
  • Eligibility for membership of the Association for Coaching (AC). The AC is a leading membership association for Professional Coaches.
  • Free listing on our training institute website for three years, following your certification.
  • Invitation to take part in the Bulletproof Training Institute Continuing Education program.
  • Belonging to an influential network of highly motivated professional colleagues and Coaches.

The Human Potential Coach Training goes beyond Health and Life Coaching and is filled with life-changing content just like this. Everyone in the program experiences an upgrade in their own body, mind and life, and help others do the same as a certified Human Potential Coach.  

The training is deeply fulfilling and provides you with the skills and knowledge required to develop a thriving life coaching practice focused on helping clients tap into their unlimited power.  

Coaches all over the world are transforming their passion for personal development into a profitable practice. Will you be one of them?


The Integrative Women's Health Institute 

This Integrative Women’s Health Institute offers the only NCCHWS accredited online health coach certification that is specially designed for women. This evidence-based, holistic, clinical education offers a top-notch education in a variety of disciplines.

What I love about this program is it’s not just one program. You can choose the Women’s Health Coach Certification or one of their speciality certifications. Click on the links below to learn more about each specialty.

If your niche is women then this is the training for you.


Check out the following pages for a more detailed look at all your options.

Functional Nutrition Training
Advanced Nutrition Certifications
Speciality Training 
Continuing Education



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