Addressing Andropause: Seven strategies to help your male clients get their mojo back

Andropause – or “male menopause” – is the loss of androgen dominance that men experience with advanced aging. It’s typically associated with a decrease in the production of testosterone, along with a similar decrease in other androgen hormones such as DHEA, androstenedione, and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Symptomatically, a man’s experience...

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Money Talk: 5 Strategies for Pricing Your Work in Tight Financial Times

The single most frequently asked practice-management question we get is this: “How do you talk to your clients about the cost of true healing – the cost of engaging in more than symptom management?” Let’s face it: this work isn’t cheap. It’s an out of pocket expense not covered...

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Are You Thriving or Just Surviving In Your Practice?

One of the reasons I started Restorative Wellness Solutions is because I saw so many of my nutrition colleagues struggling to make it in this field.  They either didn’t have clients or couldn’t keep them. They weren’t getting results so the client moved on and they certainly weren’t getting...

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