What is a Health Coach? A Guide to Coaching Careers, Salary and Training

Preventative, integrative, and holistic health fields have gained a lot of momentum in the past couple of decades. They’re leading more and more people to want a career in helping others change their lives. You might be one of those who found a love for nutritious food, living an...

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The Difference Between Your Niche, Marketing Message, and Offer

Nailing your niche is a critical piece of building a wellness business that attracts the people you actually want to work with. We know it can be confusing to figure out your niche, marketing message, and offer, and how to connect it all. In this episode we’re breaking it...

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Attract More Health Coaching Clients With Group Challenges

Helping clients stay motivated to reach their health goals is easier with a quick win. Offering a short group challenge is an effective way to help clients get results. And it’s a great way to engage more clients and prospects to fill your coaching programs. What is a Group Challenge?...

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Tracking Your Social Media Metrics for Better Results

Social media can be the perfect place to attract paying clients and test new business ideas but only if you are tracking your social media analytics. One common frustration I consistently hear from clients is that social media isn’t working for them. They tell me that they are showing...

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Forget “career hacks”… Here’s the real key to career success that almost no one is talking about

Success secrets. Productivity hacks. Tips, tricks, and quick formulas. I’m often asked to share these as advice; the requests come when I’m being interviewed on podcasts, speaking at conferences, talking to journalists. People who want to get ahead in health and fitness—or just about any other field—want to know:...

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The new wave of healthcare is happening right now! Are you riding that wave?

During the recent Coronavirus crisis, more and more people were cooking healthier homemade dishes. And, the sales of organic produce jumped 22% in March 2020! Take a look around you, the emphasis on natural healing and alternative medicine is growing. The market analysis for Alternative and Complementary Medicine is...

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