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4 Steps to Building Your Integrative Women's Health Practice

Get your patients and clients healthy from the root cause. You will learn:

  • The formula for a successful Women’s Health Coach practice
  • The 3 key skill sets you must understand to get great results for your female clients
  • How to apply cutting-edge research specifically to women
  • Why all health and wellness professionals must have great coaching and nutrition skills
  • What to look for in a Health Coach Certification Program

7 Steps to Relieving Chronic Pelvic Pain

You will learn:

  • How to use a specific elimination diet as an assessment tool
  • How to recommend appropriate functional testing to determine endocrine, digestive, and immune health
  • Evidence-based and cutting edge functional nutrition strategies to reduce pain
  • How to use Health Coaching strategies to reduce and manage pain.

Holistic Immersion Training

Discover a brand new method for quickly launching a thriving Wellness Coaching Practice. Learn how to get 10 paying clients in the next 5 months or less.

Hormones 101

You will learn:

  • The HPA Axis, Thyroid Axis and Sex Hormone Pathways
  • How the Stress, Thyroid, and Sex Hormones Interact
  • Nutrition to support hormonal health.
    How stress, sleep, and relationships influence hormonal health
  • Strategies to reduce inflammation, making hormonal balance easier

Reproductive Health

Expand your practice by working with women who desire healthy pregnancies, healthy babies, and easier postpartum recovery.

You will learn:

  • How to expand your practice to work with clients seeking infertility support
  • Help women (and couples) in your community to prepare their bodies, minds, and lives for a healthy pregnancy
  • Improve client outcomes and postpartum recoveries.

Coach Launch

Launch your coaching business and attract a steady steam of ideal clients…in 90 days or less.

In this training, you’ll discover…

  • A proven formula to attract your first or next 10 clients
  • How to get out from behind your computer and start helping people right away
  • Complete clarity on the perfect niche for you
  • How to create transformation for any client with any challenge
  • The creation of your own irresistible coaching program
  • How to use workshops to create a steady stream of ideal clients
  • Exactly what to say to inspire clients to say “Yes” to working with you

Online wellness summits

Online Wellness Summits are a fantastic way for health coaches to continue their education and many schools even allow you to count these as CEU’s. These summits are almost always free while they are airing but can be purchased for a small investment. Every health coach should have a few of these in their wellness library. In addition to watching them yourself, you can become an affiliate and promote these summits to your friends, family, and fans. If they purchase the event, you will earn a small commission.

Our friends over at Online Wellness Events always have the current and most relevant events available. They also have all the links for you to signup to become an affiliate.

These are the upcoming events you should consider watching:

    • Anxiety Summit 6 – November 2 – 8 
    • Parasympethetic Summit – November 9 – 15 

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