The following sections will give you everything you need to create your FREE listing at

Your Find A Health Coach listing is fairly easy to set up. If you haven’t already you will need to register for a FREE account HERE. Once you register you will have immediate access to set up your account, however your site will not be live until you verify your email.

Click “Continue to Profile Now” and let’s get started setting up your listing.

The first thing you will see is your “Dashboard”.

Start by filling out your information in each or the four blue sections. 

  • Contact Details – Here you will set up your account as a company or as an individual. EVEN IF YOU SET IT UP AS A COMPANY YOU STILL NEED TO ENTER YOUR NAME.
  • Where Are You Located – ONLY PUT YOUR ADDRESS IF YOU WANT THE WORLD TO KNOW EXACTLY WHERE YOU ARE! Otherwise just add a Zip Code or City and State. Only show your phone number if you want people to be able to call you directly.
  • How Can We Contact You – Make sure you have a valid email address here as this is where you will receive any leads.  You can also add your phone number here if you would like us to text you if you have a lead.
  • Enter Website Links – This area is VERY important. This is where potential clients will click on your website and social media accounts. If the links are wrong or broken you may miss a potential client. If is best to copy and paste the URL directly from the site. It is especially important that all the links have the http:// or https:// in front of them. If you start your link with just www the link will NOT work. 

Hit Save & Continue. 

  • Upload Your Profile Photo and Logo – You can come back and do this later, just know that your listing will not look very professional without at least a profile picture. 

Hit Continue 

  • Select Your Categories – Even though you can select unlimited categories in this section we discourage you from selecting too many.  Potential clients are looking for specific support and if they see you have checked everything they may be less willing to contact you.  Choose just the categories that you specialize in.
  • Share More Details – Be as detailed as possible here. You only have a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential client, what do you want them to know about you. What could you say that would want them to seek more information.

Hit Save & Continue.

  • Write About Your Company – Again, be as detailed as possible. Us the editor to increase the font size of titles or make things bold. You can add images here and you can hyperlink words that will lead people to your website or social media.  

Hit Save & Continue.

Your profile is now 100% complete. You will want to click “View Public Listing” to view your profile. Please note that your profile will not be active until you have verified your email.

You can really make your Find A Health Coach listing stand out by taking advantage of the advanced features. The dashboard has several different drop down menus where you can add photos, podcasts, programs, videos, articles and your free offers.

Simply click on the arrow and the menu will open up for you to add or edit the item. Once you open up a section it will tell you how many of that item you have added and how many you have left. There are several sections where you can add unlimited items, in this case no limit requirements will appear at the top of the page.

Let’s look at each section:

Articles and Home Page Articles – The article section allows you to add up to 10 articles to your listing. The articles you post here will only appear on your listing. The Home Page Articles will allow you to post up to 3 article that will appear on the home page of the website.

Podcasts – You may add unlimited podcasts to your listing. Currently we only have the ability to show podcasts that are part of your SoundCloud account.

FREE Offers – This is where you will want to post your free coaching consultation or ebook or any other item you offer for free. You can post up to 10 free offers and these items will appear on the homepage of the website.

Events – You can post up to 10 events on the website. These events will appear on the homepage of the website.

Photos – You can add unlimited photos or photo albums. These do NOT appear on the homepage.

Programs – This is where you will post the link and description to any programs you have.

Videos – You can post unlimited videos and these will appear on the homepage.

There are three other important sections on this side menu:

Notifications – This section is very important as it allows you to manage your leads and reviews. If you receive any leads by email you will need to go to this section to accept or deny the lead. You can also accept or deny reviews.

Manage Profile – The details of this section are almost the same as your main dashboard with an additional three important areas:

Profile Statistics – This section will allow you to see how many people have viewed your listing.

Verify Profile – Follow the instructions in this section and if approved we will show your listing as “Verified”.

Request Reviews – This section allows you to request reviews from satisfied clients.

The last section of this menu allows you to update your account settings. This will allow you to change your email and/or password and contact us if needed.

You will want to check back occasionally and update your programs and offers and to make sure your listing is up to date.

Find A Health Coach is a unique way to connect with potential clients. Where else can you have a free mini website for your business that is 100% dedicated to promoting health coaches? Below are some suggestions to make the most out of you listing:

  • Make sure all of you links are correct. How is a potential client supposed to contact you if the link to your website or social media is broken. If your links do not work it’s likely because you typed it in rather than copying the URL directly from the site. The links must have an http or https in the beginning of the link.
  • Take advantage of the about section of your listing. There is no limit on how much you can put here. Use this section to make some key points about who you are and what you do AND what you can offer a potential client. You only have a few seconds to capture their attention so make what you say count and make it stand out by using bold titles and colors and bullet points where applicable.
  • Add a profile photo and logo. This seems like an obvious choice but it’s amazing how many coaches have listings with no picture or logo.
  • Pay attention to the details. The listing details of your profile allows you to really define your speciality, list your programs and your ideal client. Take the time to make this section stand out.
  • Take a look at other coaches listings to get ideas on what yours can look like. In the coming weeks we will add some of the best examples for you to get inspiration.
  • VIEW YOUR LISTING! It’s amazing how many listings have errors or just don’t look right. Take the time to make it look professional.
  • Get reviews from satisfied clients. Just like reviews on Yelp, multiple 5 star reviews on your listing could make the difference on connecting with a potential client.
  • Verify your listing. Go to the side menu, click the drop down menu for “Manage Profile” and select “Verify Profile”. Take the time to send us your credentials so we can make your listing a “Verified Listing”
  • Take full advantage of your listing. Add photos, videos, article, podcasts and more.

Most importantly respond to our emails when you get a new lead. It would be a shame to put all that work in creating an awesome listing only to lose a potential client because you missed our email.

Give us your feedback. We would love to hear from you on your successes with your listing or if you have ideas on how to improve the site.

Lastly, spread the word. Let your fellow health coaches know about this great FREE resources to promote their business.

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