is a 100% FREE way to list your health and wellness practice online. It’s like having a mini advertising website for your business.

There are currently over 500 coaches listed from all over the world. When people search for a health or wellness coach in their area or even for their health condition, your listing may come up. The site allows for those prospective clients to contact you directly and with ZERO charge to you. It really is 100% FREE.

Your listing comes with the following:

  • Listing in Unlimited Locations
  • Listing in Unlimited Categories
  • Link to Your Website
  • Links to All Your Social Media Accounts
  • The Ability to Receive and Delete Reviews
  • Your Facebook Feed Shown in Your Listing
  • Your Twitter Feed Shown in Your Listing
  • Your Phone Number Shown (Optional)
  • List Up To 10 FREE Offers
  • List Up To 10 Blog Articles
  • List Up To 10 Events
  • Show Unlimited Videos
  • Show Unlimited Podcasts
  • Show Unlimited Photo Albums
  • Show Unlimited Products and/or Services
  • FREE Leads (Never Pay For A Lead From Your Listing)

In order to sign up for your FREE listing you MUST be a FREE member of Health Coaching Resources.

Being a member of Health Coaching Resources is different than your listing at Find A Health Coach in that you are joining an active community of your fellow health coaches where you can connect, learn, get support and collaborate with other coaches. Your Find A Health Coach listing is strictly a tool for reaching potential clients.

Other benefits of Health Coaching Resources is:

  • An Active Health Coaching Community
  • Community Forums
  • A Large List of Resources For Health Coaches
  • Events to Help Coaches Support and Grow Their Business
  • Over 30 FREE Resources to Support Your Business

Again, both are 100% FREE.

Sign up for your Health Coaching Resources membership below. Once you have completed your registration you will see a link on your community page to sign up for your FREE Find A Health Coach listing. Please note that if you unsubscribe to either site, you will be unsubscribing to both sites and your Find A Health Coach listing will be deleted.

If you need more information you can check out Find A Health Coach Tips & FAQ’s.

If you are new to our site simply register below. If you are already registered look for a link to sign up on the Community Links Menu.

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