Have you put off the legal part of your business? Or you’re not sure where to even begin? Get legally covered with Lisa Fraley’s “go bare now” legal course. You’ll walk away with 8 easy-to-understand legal documents that you can use right away.

This self-paced legal course includes:

  • 7 Modules with DIY documents, audio guides + video tips that you can access instantly!
  • 8 DIY legal documents + checklists to download, save and personalize (don’t worry, there are directions included so you know exactly how to do it!)
  • Facebook group to PLAY BIG and go bare
  • 1 Legal Power Hour with Lisa – private access to Lisa in one 60-minute phone call to ANY any question about your DIY documents
  • Lifetime Access to everything!
  • Bonus gifts from coaches & healers


What if you need just one legal form for your business? No worries, you can purchase individual DIY legal documents from Lisa as well. Check out all the DIY legal forms she can help you with:


Disclaimers and Releases

  • DIY Mini-Disclaimer – You’ll want to put a Mini-Disclaimer on everything that you do or write so you can feel safe to create anything that you want – for example, on the bottom of your PDFs, program guides, event handouts, Powerpoint slides, and on your social media page sidebars. Get your DIY Mini-Disclaimer HERE.
  • DIY Event Waiver – If you are hosting a live event, you’ll want an Event Waiver to waive your liability. It puts in writing what what you are and are not responsible for pertaining to the event and it makes it clear to your participants that they are participating in your fabulous event at their own risk. Get your DIY Event Waiver HERE.
  • DIY Media Release – If you want to take and share photos from your live event or workshop, you want your participants to sign a Media Release so you get their permission in advance to use their image, likeness or name on your website, on social media, or in any future promotions. Get your DIY Media Release HERE.
  • DIY Testimonial Release – Want to ask your client for a testimonial? Great idea! Be sure to have a Testimonial Release ready for your clients to sign BEFORE you post their testimonial up on your site.Get your DIY Testimonial Release HERE.
  • DIY Consent & Release for Minors – Hosting a live event for minors where they are MOVING their bodies, STRETCHING their minds, and EXTENDING themselves in physical or mental ways? Great idea! Be sure to have a Consent & Release for Minors ready for the parent /legal guardian AND the minor to sign it so you are all on the same page. Get your DIY Consent & Release for Minors HERE.

Website Protections

  • DIY Website Disclaimer – If you have a website, your first step is the DIY Website Disclaimer. It lets people know what you do and what you don’t do so they don’t get confused and come after you. It’s also your base layer of legal protection to disclaim liability and not leave your website legally naked. And it’s supports your root chakra. Get your DIY Website Disclaimer HERE.
  • DIY Website Terms & Conditions – If you have a website with lots of juicy content, you need Website Terms & Conditions so that you don’t have anyone swiping your stuff! Protect your heartfelt brand & your website content – and support your heart chakra. Get your DIY Website Terms & Conditions HERE.
  • DIY Privacy Policy – If you have an opt-in gift or e-newsletter, or you do paid advertising on social media, you need a Privacy Policy. Keep personal info that you gather from website visitors safe & confidential – and support your heart chakra. Get your DIY Privacy Policy HERE.


  • DIY Client Agreement – If you have 1-on-1 services, you need a Client Agreement. You need ALL of your policies in writing, including your refund policy,your expectations and how you handle missed payments or calls. You want to protect your income and create clear boundaries – and your Client Agreement also supports your sacral chakra. Get your DIY Client Agreement HERE.
  • DIY Refund Policy – If you offer 1-on-1 services, group programs, online courses or products, it’s critical to have a strong Refund Policy to protect your income. Get your DIY Refund Policy HERE.
  • DIY Speaker Agreement (for Live Event or Conference) – If you’re speaking on stage at a live event or conference, you’ll want to use a Speaker Agreement between you and the Event Host to create CLARITY and COMFORT and to secure your income. Get your DIY Speaker Agreement (for Live Event or Conference) HERE.
  • DIY Overnight Retreat Agreement  If you are  hosting a live overnight event, you want to have an Overnight Retreat Agreement in place for your attendees to sign so you cover your buns. Get your DIY Overnight Retreat Agreement HERE.
  • DIY Confidentiality Agreement/NDA – If you are planning to come together with a friend or colleague to share ideas about a program, product, or service, you want to put a Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place to protect yourself – and your content – BEFORE you enter into a conversation. Get your DIY Confidentiality Agreement/NDA HERE.
  • DIY Agreement fo Hiring a Virtual Assistant – If you are ready to work with a Virtual Assistant, it’s key to have a written Agreement so you both can feel CLEAR and COMFORTABLE as to what you’re agreeing to. It sets forth for the requirements and expectations of both of you and is best way to make sure you are on the same page right from the outset. Get your DIY Agreement for Hiring a Virtual Assistant HERE.
  • DIY Corporate Sponsor Agreement – If you are hosting a live event and you have secured corporate sponsors for the event – or you want to – you’ll want a Corporate Sponsor Agreement to secure your contribution and make it clear what recognition and publicity you are giving your Corporate Sponsor. Get your DIY Corporate Sponsor Agreement HERE.
  • DIY Joint Venture Agreement – If you are planning to come together with a friend or colleague to create a program, product, or service, then you will want to put a Joint Venture Agreement in place to cover your buns as you begin your work together. Get your DIY Joint Venture Agreement HERE.
  • DIY Guest Expert Consent Form – If you are hosting a podcast, webinar, telesummit or interview – and you’ve lined up your Guest Expert – now you need something in writing. It is a written consent or release that you can refer to it later and enforce legally if you need to. Get you DIY Guest Expert Consent Form HERE.

Terms for Group Programs & Online Courses & Info Products

  • DIY Terms of Use for Online Programs & Products – If you sell group programs or online courses through your website, what you need are Terms of Use for Online Programs & Products. You want purchasers to agree to your sales terms when they buy your group programs, online courses and info products. Protect your work & refund-proof what you sell! Get your DIY Terms of Use for Online Programs & Products HERE.

Business Registration, Corporate Entities, Taxes & Collections

  • DIY Sole Proprietor Biz Registration & Taxes – If you are a solo coach or entrepreneur, you need to be sure to register your business and not make tax mistakes.Empower yourself by setting your business up right and getting clear about taxes. Get your DIY Sole Proprietor Biz Registration & Taxes HERE.
  • DIY Collections Checklist & Letter – If you have a client who isn’t paying you for your services, be wise and get legally covered with a DIY Collections Checklist & Letter. These are the steps you can take (and loving words to say) to enforce your refund policy and get paid for your hard earned work. Get your DIY Collections Checklist & Letter HERE.
  • Which Corporate Entity Is Right For You? DIY Package – If you think you’re ready to “go pro” with a corporate entity, you need to figure out which you need – an LLC or an S-Corp? Limit your liability and protect your assets with a corporate entity. You want to protect your loot! Get your “Which Corporate Entity Is Right For You?” DIY Package HERE.


  • How Do I Know What’s Trademark-Worthy DIY Package – If you have a biz name or tagline to protect, it’s important to trademark it. A registered trademark gives you legal rights for 10 years (and beyond!) and stops others in their tracks from using your idea. How do you know if you have something worth trademarking? Get your “How Do I Know What’s Trademark Worthy?” DIY Package HERE.


  • DIY Affiliate Terms & Conditions – When you are ready to invite you affiliates to sign on to promote your programs, products and services, you’ll want to put some Affiliate Terms & Conditions in place. Get your agreement HERE

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